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September 25th, 2003

HELLO TO ALL MY LOVELIEZS!!!!! wow its been so so so long since i update but i have lots of good news!!! first off my mom came home from the philippines visitin oall of our family over there <3 ^^ she has been gone for month and i had to get use to the timezone changes.......she would call super duper late in at nite and tell us it was only like 7 in tkhe morning??? LOLL anyway i am so happy she is home!!! i love my mommy a lot and missed her vry verrrry muchhh T x T anyways my dad taught me how to upload pics from his digital camera to my website which is AMAZING....!!!!!!!....!!.! altho he said i cant upload to much becuz it takes up so much space on the server? whatever that means ..xD shucks...i will post what my mom got me from the philipines! every time she visit she brings back the best thingz in the world.. ok i think thats all for now!!! my dad also got this cool program for his work called mayan, uts ZUPER COOL becus its how you make 3d graphics like my playstation!!! i wonder if i will lern it but im not allowewd to use programs on his compy for now xDDD maybe som day... ill just stick to drawing for now! LOVE YOU ALL!

June 4th, 2003

hemmo out there..... hello??????? LOOOOL OMG!!!! i know its been a realy really long time since i updated!!! soooo basically what happen was my dad stopped paying for my webpage - _ - he said since i havent possted art on the site yet he told me it is wasting $$$ to keep paying for a website im not using!!! BUT THATS ABOUT TO CHANGE!!!! ive been drawing a lot and we just got a scanner so i hope to upload my new works A. S .A. P.!!!!!!! I PROMISE! X^DDD anyways ive been doing good!!! school is out for the dsummer finally...... another year another grade demolished... lucky i got straight A's (from what my mom told me anyway!!!) so i'm allowewd to use the computer as long as i want over break!!! SO EXPECT more ART from me SOON! TTYL!

May 23rd, 2002

WOOOOOOOOOOOOW LOL WHERE HWAS THE TIME GONE???? Tmorw is FANIME!!!!! i love it soo soo much bcause it is the only convention local to me and the only one my parents will let me attend X^D i cNNOT wait to see all of my lovelt frends there this weekend!!!! i am going to cosplay my favs: kagome frm inuyasha (if you dont know who that is... shame on YOU) botan from yyh, sakura from street figher alpha..... and a really big surprise later! (hint: it's from rurouni kenshin) my moms gonna help me carry my cotsume around too!!! I WILL UPDATE WITH PIX AS SOON AS THE CONVENTION IS OVER because WE GOT A DIGITAL CAMERA TOO!!! :-33333 Okie i see yall you all yoooou alllll laterz!!!!

February 7th, 2002

ZOMGZ.... LOL!!!! WOW this blog has deffo been neglected T o T x__x iiii am sooo srrry!!!!! i hav been rly super duuuuper busy wit life stuf BUT i promise i will upload more drawings soon!!!!!!! just want to shout out my lovely wonderful frends for the support.. ben watching loads of anime and geting inspired.... i actally have a new sketchbook soo im excited to fill thaat up! ok ily byebye!! see ya'll doon ROFLMAO!

October 31st, 2001

LMAO THIIS IS SO EMBARASSING........sorry for letting the site grow a lil moldy!!!!!!!!! I PROMISE I HAVE BEEN DRAWING T . T just a little busy wit school and mom has been a little harsh about me sitiin on the compy for long periods of time soz ive been focusing super hard on my studies instead of goofin around on teh intarwebz xD JUST WANTED TO wish everyone a haPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! super spookeh.... i would eat candy but i have a pretty bad reaction to sugar nowadays so... naw for me. CYA around, the next post i will be back with tonz of new art! just wait n see!!!

August 16th, 2001 i was very stressed out b/c i got a couuple messages from friends sayin my websit looked really really wack... thankfully my bestie ichigoness with her magical HTML brainz figured out the problem and now everyone is very happy INCLUDING ME!!! xD ROFL bTw i am adding more pagez so be patient!!!!! cya 4 nao! ^ . ~

August 15th, 2001
JUS A LIDDO UPDATE!!!! xD added some more cute graphics to my page ^ . ^ that way for new users you weill all know what anime i love!!! will add more info about my favorite videogame later!!
August 2nd, 2001
Hmmmmmm xD..... is this working??? WOWZA it is! welcome to my website!!!!!!! xDDD took me forever to set up.. THANK YOU TO MY DAD FOR HELPING ME..(my mom is lucky she and i are n00bz when it comes to computers ehehe) i am still working on setting up tjhe rest of the website but please look around...i promise to upload more of my art but i am teh lazeh.. xP finishing that akane drawing for kizunoMusashiGirl308 x3 i haven't forgotten yewww!! anyways i LOVE YOU ALL!!! i will talk to you laterz!!

BEST FRIENDZ FOREVER LIST!!! (* means extra best friend xD)

*ichigoness (my twinzie!!!! luv u forever~), *kizunoMusashiGirl308, *lilac_purpl_kirby, simon39222, DemonEye91, excellsagafan4, jimmy